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Wednesday 19 Nov 2008
Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok and Kanchanaburi

The second leg of my trip is Thailand and first up a visit to it's capital city, Bangkok.  Arriving somewhere like Bangkok at 1am in the morning probably isn't ideal - i'm jumped by about 5 taxi drives all of which want to overcharge the tourist!  Luckily this is charging 10 pounds instead of 8 and isn't the end of the world! 

The city has a very different feel to Hong Kong, it is dirty and run down in places with a seedy undertone created but the red light districts!  The local people are all out to rip you off - all in all i'm looking forward to getting out of the city!  The guesthouse however is very friendly and I don't really have to go out by myself at all.

On Friday I stayed up till 4am went to an illegal night club called 'Spicy', I had 3 drinks all night was pretty much sober.  This isn't really the place for me to get drunk.

Then on Saturday I  went to a snake farm and was going to hold a snake but unfortunately they had all gone to bed and I wasn't allowed.  And in the evening I went for drinks (only 2 for me) and some 'Lady Boy' spotting with a very camp Irish guy who wanted to go watch a 'ping pong' show.   I had almost been sucked into agreeing to go but perhaps luckily all shows were off in respect of the Thai Kings sister who has passed away this week.
Anyhow as you have probably picked up i'm not a huge fan of Bangkok so I went to Kanchanaburi - home of the bridge over the river Kwai which was super cool.  I also went to see the tigers, it was kind of sad - they just pose for photos for about 4 hours straight and it's almost like they are drugged.  I have lots of ace photos but it kind of felt wrong.  
Monday was the best day of my trip - I went to Erawen falls which is a 7 tiered waterfall.  It was amazing and really beautiful.  I went swiming with the fishes who kind of nibble your feet and eat all the dead skin - apparently its the newest beauty treatment.  You could also climb up the rocks and slide down part of the waterfall (ace) and there were monkeys in the trees trying to steal everyones food :)  


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