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Wednesday 15 Apr
Bangkok, Thailand

Khao Sok National Park and Krabi

Hello all,
Sos for the lack of updates, computers here seemingly reject globenotes for some reason. Drama drama in Bangkok - luckily we fled the night that it all began. Crazy times though, the protests had been getting more and more obvious (but they'd been going on since i arrived so no-one was tooo worried), then on the way to the train station to go down south we had to keep diverting our route as there were tons of riot police and protesters blocking the road.
Then while we sat waiting for the train protesters blocked the lines, so all trains cancelled. Then roads pretty much cleared as a state of emergency was declared. luckily we managed to board an overnight bus and only had to cope with the intense uncomfort of 10 hours driving. Bangkok was like a ghost town that night though, crazy considering the usual amount of traffic there.
Anyway, got away and in Khao Sok National park for when things got violent. Park was amazing but bug central. my legs are now one big mozzie bite.. Yuk. Amazing food there though, best red curry yet (and onyl cost 90 baht, like 1.80!). Cocktails too! Then we went for a walk in the park and swam in the river there. Slightly terrifid when we saw some massive croc-type thing swimming with us. But apparently it was just a monitor lizard and harmless. Also saw a python and a massive spider, which we got v. close to so we could get good photos. Mistake it seems as when we showed our guide the photo he was like "Argh, not poisonous, could kill you". Apparently they are the most dangerous spiders in Thailand and eat rats.... yuk.
But am now out the jungle and chilling on the white sandy beaches of Krabi. Island hopping and snorkelling tomorrow so all is well!
Love to all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

4 Comments for this Travel blog entry

mum Says:

15 April

Have added blog as you see but didn't know how to change location. All sounds idyllic now apart from insects and bites xxx

Grandad Says:

15 April

When you get old - like me - and are looking for something to do you'll be able to put all these experiences into a book for your grandchildren to read !!!!!

Jessa Says:

16 April

That will teach you re: spiders, I told you they were evil!!!!!

Grandad and Nana Says:

19 April

It's Sunday the 19th. Hope you are having - or have had - a very happy birthday. Many happy returns and lots of love darling. Mr lloyd of Sydenham is looking after your present. be good !?!?!?/!/

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