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Tuesday 5 Jan
Bangkok, Thailand

Chilli's and Tuk Tuk's

Hello dear friends,

We are in Thailand on holidays and so far have been in Bangkok for three nights. Our hotel has been chosen from the travel section of Melbourne;s Age, and we can't believe our luck! in a great location and absolutly perfect with a roof top pool that waits for me every afternoon.

Our first day of sightseeing was a experience of us not understanding the language and the Thai's ready for us unsuspecting tourists. We were decided we would go to the Grand Palace in the morning and then to the Siam centre for lunch and some shopping. So, we took a cab to the palace (we thought) but were somehow talked into going to the river and catching a boat to the palace. So, we took the boat ride, but still didn't get to the palace as we were talked out of it by a street touter, who told us to go to the gold buddah and come back after lunch. We then took a tuk tuk to the so called shopping centre for lunch and ended up at a jewellery factory! we haven't been to the palace but did get to the entrance before we were turned around. The afternoon turned out to be too hot and so we came back to the hotel for a swim.

Climbing into the river taxi was very challenging for Lauren. She was quite stressed by the experience and every time we talk about going to the floating markets she objects furiously. I don't think that is going to happen and we will visit the night market when we come back to Bangkok after our trip to the river Kwai.

Today we went to Jim Thompson's house . He made Thai Silk famous and his home is a museum. A fabulous morning, followed by lunch and browsing shops in these enormous centres.

Meals have been amazing and so cheap. we are eating some fabulous food, with a particularly good night on a roof top garden restaurant with all the buzz of the street below and stunning scenery around us. Lauren ordered a laksa type dish served in a coconut, she was pretty pleased with the presentation, and in the half lit restaurant she didn't realise she was eating the chilli from the garnish, and that caused a minor fuss at our table for a while! She's coping!

Tomorrow we are on a bus to the River Kwai for two nights, and then back here to this same hotel for further adventures in Bangkok.

Till then,

Love to all

Maureen Murdoch and Lauren  





11 Comments for this Travel blog entry

The Visschers Says:

5 January

Great to hear the hotel is perfect. Shame about the floating markets - maybe you'll pass them in the bus on the way to River Kwai, would be good if she could see them from the security of the bank!
Lucky she could handle the chilli garnish! I wouldn't!

Eric Says:

5 January

You fell for every trick in the book - even after being warned! Hahahaha

mcleishfamilyholiday Replies:

9 January

Murdoch never listens Eric!!

Michael Says:

5 January

Is certainly an experience in some of those asian cities and know what you mean with the street people. I think we all get caught out once or twice. I will forward the golf courses in Pataya to you via normal email.

mcleishfamilyholiday Replies:

9 January

thanks Mike. we;ll be thre Monday.

Elaine Says:

6 January

Put it down to experience. Enjoy the rest of the holiday.

Gary Whiteside Says:

8 January

Would have thought an experienced traveller like you would have been a wake up to all the Con tricks. Still sounds like you are having good time. know U will enjoy River Kwai, we sure did. B.... hot here 36 and inc to 41 by Monday. have fun

Lucie Alexander Says:

10 January

Hey you adventurous lot, thanks for including us in your blog. It all sounds fantastic but we fell for a similar con in Singapore. Wise after the event eh? Loz you are the best-travelled twenty-something we know, hope you'r getting lotsa photos.

Carly Says:

10 January

Your Pattaya entry didn't work!

Sandra Says:

11 January

Thought I was doing something wrong, glad Carly couldn't read anything either. Keep having fun

peter Says:

22 March

Lovely story, thank you!

Heather Says:

23 March

I enjoyed reading your post! It reminds me of my time in Thailand. What an amazing part of the world, isn't it!? If you're curious to see reviews, photos, and info from locations across the world, check out my blog!


John B Says:

21 December

Thanks for interesting post- The hotel wasn't the Buddhi was it- right in Khossan road- love Thailand too.


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