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Friday 25 Nov 2005
Bangkok, Thailand

Just before we leave Thailand

Hi again,

Just to let ye know that I got a text from Tommy Fitz who is in Ko Samui at the moment (the place we left yesterday morning) and he was telling me that it has beeen milling rain there since we left. The airport has been closed since yesterday and the rain could last for the next week or two. They were supposed to leave Thailand on the 16th Dec and they are now looking to change that to an earlier date.

Thankfully we have been so lucky with the weather and we got out of the islands when we did. We had met a group who were supposed to fly from Ko Samui this morning and get a flight to Perth today. I dont know how they got on but I say their chances of making that flight are unlikely to say the least.

The airport in Ko Samui had to be seen to be believed. Basically straw huts with a runway. Its comical really, ya really would have to laugh at it.

Oh by the way to those at home we sent a box with two backpacks full of clothes to Brennans today. We went for the cheap option so it should take from one to two months!!!!! There are some postcards in my bag which we only thought of when we had it sealed so ye might get them in the new year. To anyone I sent the postcards to Im sorry but they were in the bag Blue

Anyway I may go.

Bye for now weve a long flight ahead of tomorrow with a long wait in Singapore


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