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Friday 22 Oct 2010
Bangkok, Thailand

Plans were made to be broken.....Its now not Chiang mai but gone to Nong Khai

Hello Reader,

I think I last left off with having to spend another day in Bangkok. 

I Made my next and as it turned out, my final appointment. Still not entirely happy with the result, but it is a temporary solution and I justed wanted to move on. The Dentist explained that to make the new tooth any wider would look rather silly  (and i agree) so a bit of a gap is the only other answer to the problem. We discussed it a bit then agreed next year the plan of attack will to widen my existing and real tooth a bit and then the crown will also be able to be a bit wider then to achieve symmetry and closed.

30 minutes later and Im walking out of the surgerey and all I can think about is moving on. My original plan was to head to Luang Phrabang in Laos via Chaing Mai and on. But I spotted something in the Bangkok Post the other day that seemed too good an opportunity to ignore. The town of Nong Khai and towns around it in Udon Thani province were having the Naga Festival or festival of the light. Once a year there is supposed to be a phenomenon that happens along the Mekong river in this area. This happens at the end of Buddhist Lent and also marks the end of the rainy season. What is said to happen is balls of flame rise up from below the Mekongs surface and into the sky. The locals believe that The Naga (Naaga) is a dragon that sleeps on the bottom of the river and the fireballs are the breath of the Naga. For 50 or 60 klms either side of Nong Khai, all along the river bank people celebrate this and pray to Buddha with fireworks, Flaming lanterns that they release into the sky and prayer. There is also a procession down river of boats with flaming designs mounted on them that head down stream. This was due to happen  on the night of the 23rd of October this year... Hmmm I had to get there for this.

I got back to my room and started combing the internet for more info, flights, trains buses that could get me there. I found a guest house called Mut Mee Garden guest house that was running a cruise from Nong Khai down to a village about 45 klms downstream, where one of the biggest celebrations take place. I remembered my good friend Dani, who I met in 2006 in Laos had given this guest house  a big thumbs up, so I had a venue to aim for now. Next was checking both availabilty of a place on the boat and a place to sleep... a few emails back and forwards to Julian the owner and I had secured a place on the boat ...but not a bed. His offer was that I could sleep on the boat or on a verandah here for the night if that suited me.  No problem for an old vagrant like me.

Next was how do I get there...a quick search of Air Asia, Nok Air and Thai air revealed that there were no seats till at least the 24th.  after that I decided to head to Hua Lamphong railway station and my good friends at VC Travel. Honestly reader they have never let me down, and this time was no different. Trains were not running due to flooding and washed out sections of track between BKK and Nong Khai. So this left buses as my only hope. My good little customer service man at VC made a few quick phonecalls and SNAP! I had a bus ticket for the night of 22/10/10. Back to Sukhumvhit to pack.

Had a huge night at The Pickled Liver to ccelebrate my final Dental Visit and my last night in BKK this time around. I bought gifts for all the staff that had treated me so well. The gifts were well received by all.  I must have had a good night...I left my room wearing a long sleeve blue cotton shirt I had made in Vietnam and returned home at dawn the next morning wearing 2 Tshirts one on top of the other....Thinking, thinking thinking.....fog starts to lift....I do remember a shirt swapping thing we started...Hmmmm ok that exeplains 1 shirt?????????????????

Well more on the next entry 

cheers Reader


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Des Hasler Says:

26 October 2010

Mate , its great to hear those years of vagrancy has paid off, sounds like you're having a great time Terry must have been great (the festival & the 2 x shirt thing) great following your exploits & yes "Life is Good" my friend , c ya Mick / I mean Des

teztours Replies:

26 October 2010

Had a great day today Des. Went to a historical park, saw amazing cave paintings 3000 yrs old. You know they could have been Manly attacking plays they were that old. Cheers Wayne

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