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Monday 21 Jan 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

Alison's Thailand is not representative

Thought it was worth mentioning given all of Alison's postings...

While Thailand is a very different place than what I'm used to, it's not as bizarre as Alison has made it sound. For example:

- Nobody built a horse in order to house themself. 

- Alison had tofu for lunch, not tof eu. 

- I've never tasted sauceFIester. 

- We stayed or were "in" places, not "on" them. 

Alison is unfortunately still adapting to the iPad keyboard. It makes our trip seem far more unusual and interesting than reality. 

That said, I did eat dragon soup. Still don't know what it is. Also, the word "grumpy" was an autocorrect. I think the meant to say "happy and playful and not at acting like a 2 year old who missed his nap". Ya, that's it. 

FYI the mall was sensory overload. It felt like I was actually inside eBay. 

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Simona Says:

21 January 2013

I like this post the best. :) also, I'm waiting to hear about misadventures involving hermaphrodites.

6weeksineurope Replies:

25 January 2013

None of those yet

Some stupid Thailand pun

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Richard gave me a bad pun to make the title. I forget it - hence the title of this blog. I promise you that his name was silly and you're not missing anything by not having it. Anyway ... welcome to the maybe 6 people interested in our trip.

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