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Sunday 3 Sep
Bangkok, Thailand

Khao san road drunk dry

Well, we can offically say that we have done Khao san rd. BUt before we get to that, heres a story that will make you laugh... We decided to take a water taxi to get to our next golden budha we had on our check list. The taxi was jammed with about 100 people and myself and Hel were right at the front standing up with our backs to everyone. About 10 minutes in, helens explains that its a bit fresh and blowy, only to notice her sarong she was wearing as a skirt had come down and was lying on a heap on the floor. This ment that the whole boat had a good look at her bum for the last few minutes. Classy chick I hear you say. Yep... thats our Helen. Anyway back to the night out. We met some english people on bus from floating market and ended up heading out for a night of beers and cocktails with them. Was a great night, and ended up sitting in a illegal bar thing, that was just lots of rugs and cusions on the side of the street. Had our first of many I hope, Thai Whiskey buckets, sooo good but my god have we payed for it today. Heading up to Chiang mai toz on a sleeper train which will be very cool. Treking with elephants, banboo rafting, staying will a hill tribe and treking throught the jungle for 3 days are all on the adjenda in the next two weeks. Heading to Loas then back to Bangkok before we check out the death railway, (over the river Kwai, yep the one from the film) and then to cambodia. Will keep you all up to date and suitable jealous!!!

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