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Sunday 22 Apr
Bangkok, Thailand

Police & Thieves (And Cheeky Monks!!)

Hello again 9 to 5ers!!!

Just a quick update of the last few days otherwise we forget what we've done and bore you all with a 3000 word essay.

After a brief stop in the lovely island of Ko Tao, we headed back to Myanmar (Burma) from a Thai town called Ranong to get another extension on our visa.....(simple case of getting a boat across to Burma, and saying hello to the Burmese immigration with a crisp US$10 bill handshake). Another 30 Days!!!! YAAAYYYY.. Not without its fair share of Dramas I can tell you...

Being the adventurers that we are, we decided against the usual package tour to do the Visa run (Costs Double) and to do it ourselves on Public Transport. The 7 hour boat trip from Ko tao was cool...It left at 10pm and as you'll see from the pictures there were no seats on the boat (thats why it was cheap!!) and no people either, not ONE!!! Only the Captain and a couple of crew so we had the whole deck to ourselves and spent the next seven hours rolling around while I'm sure the captain was pissed off his head and made all sorts of zig zags across the Thai Gulf......
Arriving at port at an unearthly hour in the morning we came across a seemingly nice enough dude who was picking up some pre payed package Farang to do the same Visa run... He'll take us to Town and do the run for what it would cost on the public busses so why not????? Well, we got the Visa sorted and got him to drop us back in town which is when Mr Hyde turned into Dr Jeckyl (or get the idea). After our hastily rushed negotiations he finally decided an extra 300THB ($11) would be better in his pocket than ours!!! Obviously telling him to stick it in a polite enough manner, pissed him off no end and Dr Jeckyl reared his ugly head... He began to get very angry (the old "intimidation" chestnut) telling me I am 'Bad Man' and looking like he was gonna burst a blood vessel or two.. Unusually for me I remained calm knowing that in Thai Culture getting angry gets you nowhere fast, (losing 'Face' is a cultural No No) at which point he produced a big fuck off stick and threatened us constantly shouting and telling us that he was gonna get the police!!!! Now in Thailand, whenever the old bill are involved the White Man loses, bottom line, so after about ten minutes of ranting and raving Debs was in tears and I thought of a few of the books Ive been reading (Ive just taught myself) about westerners in Thai prisons..... 200THB later we were on our way....


We then headed by bus (advertised as 7 hours but is really 12) back to Bangkok to sort our Visas out for Laos and Vietnam.. Met a Buddhist Monk on the bus, robes and all, who during a toilet stop bummed a couple of smokes off me and had no problems telling me he cant wait till he's done his 'service' (In Thailand men are expected to spend at least 6 months in a monastery which earns the family great respect). His words were "Next year i finish this and be like you.. I drink beer and have Women!!!!) Good on him I say, despite the robes he's still a red blooded male!!!

Now we arrived in Bangkok at the arse end of 'Songkran" which is the Thai new year festival.. Traditionally the Thais would gently splash water on effigies of Buddah, but with the usual western influence this has now turned into a national water fight where during Songkran everyone carries them Super Soaker water guns and kids drive around on the back of trucks with a big tank of water and absolutely drench anyone within range.. Great fun...for the first 5 minutes. Nowadays they add clay and all sorts of bodily fluids to the water so I was glad we only caught the end really.

They say that Bangkok is like sex with a stranger.. Always better the 2nd time around cos you both know what each other likes... Well they're damn right... our first visit we couldn't wait to get to the beaches, but this time around we appreciated it a bit more and had fun just hanging out, getting to the suburbs and soaking up the mad atmosphere. It really is a city full of contrast where you can be in 'Siam Square' which is a very modern shopping area with all the Louis Vuiton and Gucci you could wish for (genuine for a change) and then 10 minutes later be in the mix with the Lepers and scabby dogs. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, time on the Visa is running out we've still gotta see a bit of Northern Thailand...another 16 hour bus journey maybe??? Hmmmmmm, thanks to the travel agent skills of Debsta and the occasional need to Splurge we've just arrived in Chiang Mai by "Air Asia" which only took us an hour and cost about $60!!!
FLASHPACKING TO THE MAX!!!! We'll let y'all know about up north soon.....

Oh and a few quick hello's cos I cant be arsed to email individually..

Leroy, are you still alive?? leave us a message mate.

Ricksta, hope all good with Bonnie, Hows the beer gut??

Everitt, your right I dont like you but I feel sorry for you so thats why you get the occasional call.

JB & Hana, couldn't really give a toss about your fridge that I broke before I left but I do hope you've got it

Twits, hows tings mate?? your suits on its way.

Blah Blah Blah...


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MASSIVE Chinese statue

MASSIVE Chinese statue

Well, we are finally getting our arses into gear!!!! Sold the house, quit our jobs (thanks for working right through babe!!) bought backpacks, had too many injections, booked a loose itinerary and now were off!!! Will keep you all posted..WISH US LUCK!!!

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