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Tuesday 17 Jul 2007
bangkok, Thailand

swings and roundabouts

17th July.
Off to Cambodia tomorrow - on the bus, the package deal from Kho San road. Now I have just read about the scams on a site called and it says DONT take this bus!
Oh Dear. What have I let myself in for. And the price just went up. Its was300 Baht and suddenly jumped to 650 overnight.
So if you want to read about the worst, check out talesofasia. It gives travellers accounts of the road etc and howhorrid the raod is,the taxis are, at least I have an e visa. I hope it works.
They say the trip will take forever- on purpose to get us there late to stay at 'their' Hotel.
Well, I just booked my own online, so maybe I can outwit that little scheme too
This is one rare bus trip I am not looking forward to.
Wish me luck!

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