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Thursday 3 Apr
Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Round 1

Bangkok is a crazy place. Everything comes in a immense proportions. The heat, the tourists, the tuk-tuk drivers, the bars, the sex shows, the taxis, the river boats, everything. I met up with Regina and she let me tag along on one of her environmental education tours on the river. The company owns a really nice wooden barge so we spent the day cruising up and down the river. She was explaining to them how the river is filled with sewage, pollutants, chemicals and lots of other bad stuff while I sat and watched people bath, drink and catch fish from the river. Amazing how disconnected people seem to be from environmental issues even when they are using that environment everyday.

Our hostel is a hot box in the center of touristville surrounded by pushy touts and street vendors. At nighttime the street comes alive with vendors and sunburned tourists holding Chang beers and eating spring rolls. We have been sight seeing for a few days and tomorrow will take off to a national park up north. After a few days of elephant watching we are going to come back to Bangkok just in time for the water festival. This is supposedly an all out 3 day water war where everyone gets soaked. It should be fairly intense but a welcome relief from the oppressive heat.

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