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Saturday 9 Dec
Los Angeles, USA


Well we've been in LA for a couple of days now. Its a pretty full on are massive and so are food portions!! We've had a hire car for the past two days (this chevy that looks like a PT Cruiser.....I feel llike a bit of a ladyboy in it surrounded by all the 20inch rims, considering I'm eye level with their tread pattern) and have pretty much spent the whole time in traffic.

We haven't gotten too far in sourcing a car for our trip but are planning to head down to San Diego tomorrow with a few leads up our sleeve. The Van situation looks a lot more viable down that way.
The highlights so far have been this kickass Pizza we scored at this joint on Melrose ave that was massive and tasty as!.......and the Mexican food in this place, the stuff rules. Talk about value for money.......we're lovin the bean burritos.

Haven't seen any stars as yet in Hollywood, except the ones on the pavement ( I was considering urinating on Tom cruises name but there were too many people around..Ha) Em reckons we saw the lead singer of thirsty merc in the immagration line with us at LAX tho.

Keen to get out of LA tomorrow though and hit the coast.

Hasta Luego

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High on love...

High on love...

Now we´re engaged, I guess things are gonna be different.....thats right Daves under the thumb and has to do what he´s told, Em´s callin´the shots from here on in.....stay tuned to see what happens......Gotta go, I can hear Em calling...

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09 Dec | Los Angeles, USA

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