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Saturday 20 Dec 2014
Houston, USA


We made it to Houston by lunchtime. As soon as we crossed the border we noticed lots of traffic lights and huge amounts of advertising all  the way down the highway- lots of fast food chains and accident lawyers. There was an excited atmosphere on the bus- the woman across from me was filming the buildings and views out of the window. We got there and were really daunted as we got dropped off in an out of town bus station and had no map or anything- we called our next couch host  and he said he would pick us up in 15 minutes- we were so happy and relieved!!!

Couchsurfing Host 51: Casey and Shannon

Casey is a 27 year old Texan chef (he has a catering company). He picked us up and we went straight away to a farmers market so he could pick up some bits. It is so odd to be back in English speaking territory- we keep forgetting that we can express ourselves clearly- I think I will be speaking Spanglish for a while!! Casey took us back to his apartment and we all chilled out for a while- it is very cosy and homely. He gave us some gorgeous risotto for lunch (the best flavours we have eaten in ages!!!). We then went for a walk to have dinner and look around while they went for a family meal. There are many things that we recognise from movies- water hydrants, wooden houses with porches, info boards with the stick on letters. Also people saying ‘Y’all’. We went to a craft beer place which had about 200 beers on tap. We also had a burger (guilt free since it is actually and American thing…) and popped into a book shop which was really buzzing with people. We got back home and had a nap before Casey and Shannon came back- Shannon is also really lovely. We had an absinthe (they have recently been to Paris) and went to their friends house (he is a Malaysian guy who has just got his PHD in Cancer biology so was celebrating) and sat in his wonderful high rise flat which overlooked the whole city. We could see the hospital block which is full of skyscrapers- one of which has 2 blinking syringes on the top! It looked more like the business district in London. Then we got home and went to sleep on their sofa bed.

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Mum Says:

21 December 2014

The Christmas presents are all wrapped. The tree's decorated. All the shopping's done. All we need now is you two home. Can't wait to see you. xxxxxx

Turkey Holidays Says:

17 January 2015

Great Post and Nice Article.I like it.Thanks for sharing.

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