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Sunday 6 Feb
Poulsbo, USA


After arriving in JFK, I had another flight to Washington, DC. This one was extremely tiny. Although, not as tiny as the one in Florida was. I was still sick, so it kind of was embarrassing in such a small plane. Especially, when your nose keeps dripping, and your coughing. Then, after landing, it was off to SeaTac. It was a much nicer flight, although I was still miserable from being sick. I was so tired once I finally got to SeaTac. It was the afternoon, local time. But, I felt so out of whack. We went to an Asian mall, that had just been built. Seemed to have a lot of Filipino and Chinese products. Not many Japanese. So, in my opinion, not as good as Uwajimaya. Then, we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. That was really nice. Then, I finally went home. So, as a whole, the trip was rather mixed to me. Had a weird start, saw/did amazing things, rushed through most stuff, etc. I liked most of it, though. 

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Brunch Sherbrooke Says:

7 September

What a lovely blog.. looking forward many such blogs, I work for hotel-le-president.


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06 Feb | Poulsbo, USA

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