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Wednesday 24 Sep 2014
The Dalles Oregon, USA

Dallying in The Dalles on a Dreich Day


Weather: guy dreich, grey, wet and misty !

It has been suggested that Oregon's weather is similar in some respects 

to Scotland's : unpredictable and liable to be wet and misty (on non-summer months).

Today provides supporting evidence !

Revised the earlier plan again to further reduce driving and improve visibility !

Planned to spend the morning exploring the town of Sisters in detail before heading

much further north to The Dalles which is at the eastern end of the Columbia River Gorge.

The Gorge will be explored on Thursday by driving west with a view to returning back to Portland later.

Driving north thro' the vast hills and plains re-emphasises the scale and endless types of countryside and

terrain of the state of Oregon. Settled down in The Dalles later. 

PS Detective Mystery : Columbo and the Case of the Magic Key:

During a 2013 US road-trip, the first large Nissan rental car used, was returned to Dollar

as the boot/trunk was found to be unlocked at some points when parked !

Dollar noted and agreed to the change and provided a 2nd version of the same car (which also

subsequently exhibited similar tendencies). However no further reporting action was then taken.

On this latest road-trip in 2014, while driving the same Nissan model (booked via Alamo), 

a leaflet in the car was found which noted a Magic Key facility :

     If you are near to the locked car & you have the car's remote control key safely

      in your pocket then, if you just try to press the central button on the boot-lid

      to open it while the car is locked-up, the boot/trunk will always unlock

      automatically and open !

     If however, the person with the Magic Key in his pocket, moves away from the car,

     then the boot/trunk remains fully locked. No es complicado. 

The original Nissan detective mystery has thus finally been solved.......

Note: The Magic Key is not a 'key' as such. It is simply a 1.5 inch remote button

to lock/unlock the car. So to start or switch-off the engine, you put your foot on the foot-brake

& press the starter button on the dash-board while the automatic gear lever is in 'Park.'





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