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Friday 20 Jun
London, United Kingdom

Back in London and wrapping everything up

So basically yesterday we traveled from Normandy France to London England and then we ate at a cool pizza place that was really good and really cheap and watched football on the television in the was fun...then today was just an awesome my facebook status says...and it never lies...i woke up late...i went and ate at my favorite place:'s a great place if you like chinese/thai's amazing...but after that i went shopping by was great to just explore London by myself...a lot of really experience the culture...i went to sports stores and book stores and all types of stores...i finally after weeks of looking got a couple of England jerseys...I got Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard...i was very excited...and then i went to a bookstore called Borders :)...and they have this like buy one get one half off thing...and so i got the graphic novel that the new movie Wanted is based of off...and then for half the price i got the novel that is the side story of Hiro and Charlie from the Heroes series...and I bought another Chris Ryan book because well he is amazing...after all of that i went and got a chocolate milkshake from was a simple day...but to me it was a great day...just a great day because things worked out and i got things i wanted and have been looking for...and also it was just great because i wasn't hassled or rushed and i just relaxed...and enjoyed the day...London was good to me today... :) and i loved it...i am excited to be coming home...i miss home...but i will miss the London lifestyle...i get back on Sunday and well i will be excited to see everyone...i miss you all and i can't wait to see everyone on Sunday... Cool

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I am on a trip with my family in Europe. My dad is on a sabbitical over here and we are with him and enjoying it. We are going to be in oxford, scotland, london, and france. And I will be with Jennifer and Kyle in Ireland for 3 days. Yay for England....

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