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Saturday 1 Nov 2008
Hedge End Southampton, United Kingdom

Mr Broadribb's comments

Wow, what can I say. What an amazing trip to New York. Not only did we visit all the major attractions but we had ample time to shop too, what else could you wish for. On a personal note I had a fantastic group of 'Da Ladz' with me who made the whole experience one to remember with lots of laughs and fun; without them I don't think it would have been quite the same - I hope you guys enjoyed it as much I did.

I've just watched the video under the control of Sam - its very funny and will go towards making some great footage for the Wildern video compilation [especially the run in with the Security Guard!]

I've added a team photo for you to see - thanks again guys for making the trip a very special one, see you all at the video viewing night shortly.

Mr Broadribb, 'Da Ladz'

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Andy Says:

4 November 2008

the trip was amazing, "da ladz" definitely made the trip and Mr B is such a ledge and is definitely one of the ladz
and lets not 4get about lawrence as we have named him as the one of the lads as well.


wildern Replies:

7 November 2008

I miss New York man!It was awesome! Mr Broadribb is a total legend and I think 'Da Ladz' really made the trip! Cheers Mr.B for being an awesome leader and Lad and thankyou Mrs B for giving us the chance to go to such an amazing place! Matty Smith x

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The name is in the picture.

Welcome to the travel blog for the Geography department's trip to New York in october 2008. This Blog is for all students, staff and parents associated with the trip. Keep coming back as we add new diary entries and more photos!

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