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Tuesday 1 Sep
Jersey, United Kingdom

The big farewell

So I had finally managed to decide exactly what little clothing I was going to take with me on my trip of a life time and had pretty much packed my bag. Everyone kept asking me if I was excited but I kind of had a numb feeling. I was so excited to see Ross, really sad to say bye to everyone and it hadn't quite hit me yet that I may not be coming back home for a good while. So all in all I felt a little strange. I also hadn't put too much thought to travelling yet because that thought had been overrun by me constantly thinking about finally seeing my boyfriend again after three months.
The morning of me leaving came, I had done all the leaving parties and this was it I was ready to go off and see the world. I was pretty much ready so didn't have to worry too much in the morning apart from just getting myself ready. Dad gave me some toast and a cup of tea in bed. It was kinda sad rolling up my airbed for the very last time it had been very comfy sleeping on it for the last 6 weeks.
It was horrible having to say all the goodbyes up at the airport it's bad enough when one of us are just going on a holiday let alone travelling and I am the first to go and do it. With everyone up there it remaindered me of the days when the WHOLE family would be at the airport to say fair well and be eager for the return of my grandparents from their holidays. It was funny in a way as normally now when we are going on a holiday someone will take us to the airport and just drop us to the door, reach over kiss them they jump out of car and off they go!! So anyway I had survived the goodbyes and was really wishing I had had Ross with me just so after all that sad part I could try and start getting excited but I was just going to have to wait for the excitement to hit me in Bangkok as for now I had to sort myself out getting thro security.
Well this was a mission!!! Why is it that jersey airport seem to think that they have the most dangerous people going through it. I put my liquids separate into the box and had walked through the beeping machine. Yup as always I beeped. The lady pounces on me and asks to remove my shoes... they were only sandals not sure where I was going to hide anything in those but anyway I removed them then she proceeded with the body check! In the mean time apparently another man had asked me if they were my liquids now I don't remember him asking me this question as my brain was a bit frazzled from just saying goodbye to everyone and trying to take off shoes and getting searched but anyway apparently I did. So when I came to take my bag I couldn't find my liquids. It had been taken by this man to a room where he was desperately trying to re watch the security footage of who had put it through the scanner. So I said it's mine and he had a go at me saying he had asked. Anyway he then proceeded to do a swab check on it. It was all fine so ah finally through to the other side! I had made it through the notorious Jersey security check. So off I went to check my make up in the toilet and to put my belt etc back on and put me liquids back in my bag, well there in my liquids bag as I was about to put it into my rucksack was this plastic little tube. ‘What the hell is this I'm wondering' is it something I need to keep in there to prove I have had the check done on my stuff. I don't know so I carefully open the tube and there were all the paper swabs to do the check. Well I started freaking out. I can't leave those in the bag as I will get questioned once in Gatwick trying to get though their security. Do I just leave them here in the toilets but then they may be cameras watching me ah what the hell do I do now. Right! I decided to give them back but as I had already gone through security there was a big sign saying not to enter. I finally managed to get one of the security people's attention and they came over to me and I finally managed to hand the tube back whilst they just laughed and said thanks!!!
The rest of the trip went with a breeze I had managed to safely get myself to Bangkok. Yippee!!
Just before the plane landed they announced that there would be a check of people body's temperature as we went through to passport control to check us to see if we had Swine flu. Great by the time I was getting off the plane I had a cold sweat developing at the anticipation of seeing Ross so I was getting worried that I would be dragged off to one side and hurled into quarantine with suspected swine flu but all went well and I get through and did the passport/ visa control fineSmile as I looked up there was my Ross sitting smiling at me their plane had landed first so when I text on my way through they said they would wait for me in the baggage claim. It was soooo great to finally see him again. He had had his hair cut really short but It really suited him as it was slightly blonder from the sun and he was looking browner so he was looking very fine indeedSmile it did feel very strange seeing him again and it felt like a first date all over again whilst we were waiting for my bag to come through but we soon fell back into place and there was my best friend again and I was extremely happy to be finally back with him.
Once we got to khao san road Ross had already sorted a room for me and him so we could finally get showered and changed. The room was basic and it was a shared bathroom down the corridor but was clean and tidy and I was just excited that I had a bed to sleep in... hehe.
Me and Ross got our first nice cold beer together yummy. Well we didn't get it from a bar... well we did but it was a make shift bar sitting on a pavement sitting in front of seven eleven. The bar only appears at night time through the day it is just a pavement. But the beer prices were good so all was good for usSmile
The boys decided that I deserved a slap up meal as I had done all that travelling I must be hungry. So I was expecting them to take me to a nice restaurant, but no I got taken to a street stall where they sell Pad Thai. So we got one each for 25 baht and sat on the pavement and ate them with our two little wooden sticks that were our chop sticks. I have to say the Pad Thai that is sold in Bangkok from the street stalls are the best!!!!
Next stop was the reggae bar the boys had got very drunk here on their first night three months ago so I had to come and see it for myself. It was placed on a back alley. The bar didn't have four walls but rather just the alley was the bar with it tables and chairs on either side. They have a pool table that looks like one of those one you get when you're a kid as it is less than half the size then a real pool table should be. The bar was playing Reggae music but behind the bar there were lots of pictures of Harley Davidson's! Kind of a strange mix but I had lots of fun and was enjoying just taking in the whole vibeSmile
Off on our next mission of the night and our final stop was another bar not far from our hotel. This bar consisted of the building being on one side of the road and the tables and chairs being on the other - you call over and they come over the road to serve you. The boys thought I needed to try the Sang som rum with lemonade, we all managed to get fairly merry on this. So guys this sums up my first couple of days of my travelsSmile

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