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Wednesday 12 Apr
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Up Yer Kilt!

Well we collected a zippy little Ford Focus Zetec from London and found our way north on the M1 towards Scotland. The M1 is 3-4 lanes most of the way, which is great, however there are no speed limit signs to tell you what the limit is. So we (Gareth) followed everyone else through the traffic at 80-90 miles an hour until we stopped for fuel 3/4 of the way there and he asked what the speed limit was, only to be told it was 70 mph. Hopefully the speed cameras were packed away that day!
Once we crossed the border in Scotland however there were signs advising the speed limits and heaps of permanent speed cameras all over the place.
On the way we stopped in a town called York, which initially looked like a (very cold) little sleepy hollow, until we found our way into the town centre which was full of people shopping, dining and wandering through the markets. We briefly checked out the largest gothic cathedral in Europe, York Minster, which we thought was even more impressive than St Pauls in London. Unfortunately we didn't have a lot of time to spend there, but enjoyed it anyway. We have since found out that BA have built another 'Eye' ferris wheel there, which is due to open shortly.
We eventually arrived in Edinburgh on dusk and loved it right from the start, it is full of character with beautiful old buildings. And the imposing Edinburgh Castle perched on top of a hill in the centre of the city also helps. We also had a nice surprise with the apartment we booked over the internet - it was fantastic and fully equipped, so we prepared a home cooked meal and caught up on some washing.
We spent the morning exploring the castle and city streets, mostly with a fine sky, however not long before leaving it started to snow, anyone would think Gareth had never seen the white stuff before! It didn't last long though and we had fine weather for travelling back to England.
We stayed in Sheffield where it had also been snowing that evening not long before we got there, hence everything was covered in white (and it was very cold).
The next morning the traffic on the M1 was very heavy and slow going, so we took a detour to Oxford to check out the university colleges. Once again, lots of lovely old buildings, but we didn't have long because we had to get back to Heathrow by 2pm and on to Paris.

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