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Wednesday 25 Jun 2014
London, United Kingdom

Our 3 days in London

London was very good to us. It is a huge city with tons to do. Three days was just the right amount of time, however we could probably spend the entire 6 weeks here exploring the city.


The best decision we ever made was to purchase the London pass. This was a 3 day card that allowed us to visit over 90 attractions with unlimited public transportation (underground, bus, and even a river cruise). This also allowed us to plan and map out of entire trip ahead of time. The best part about it was the fact that as soon as we set foot in London, boom we already had transportation. We saved a ton of money with this pass. If you are traveling to other cities, you should definitely look into it. They have passes for Paris, Berlin, New York City, etc.


The first day we basically just walked around. We burned an average of 2,500 calories a day just walking alone. Seeing the London Eye and Big Ben at night is even more beautiful than during the day. 

The second day, we took a ride in the London Eye, enjoyed coffee in front of Big Ben, and toured West Minster Abbey all before noon. The views from the London Eye were amazing and the inside of West Minster Abbey is breathtaking. Adam didn't understand how awesome I thought it was to walk down the same aisle and stand in the exact spot that Kate Middleton did when she married Prince William. We then headed off to the Tower of London which is actually the original home of the Royalty. There we got to see the Crown Jewels. Impressive would not even be the word. Adam and I enjoyed guessing the monetary value of all the jewels dating back as far as the 1300s. We also got to go up inside the Tower Bridge. 


For dinner, we went to a hole in the wall traditional English Pub. Here, we discovered a new beer that we can't wait to see if we can get in the States. It is by Samuel Smith, a small UK brewery, and is called Organic Wheat. After our beer, we ran into two Americans from Wisconsin, who Adam insisted we join for dinner. Turns out he used to coach football for Carthage who actually has played Franklin College. Small World. Adam had a steak and kidney pie. He loved it. I, of course, had a burger. No surprises there. :)


On our third and final day of London, we woke up and had to check out of our hostel and into a new one since we couldn't get a flight to Germany on this day. We checked out Shakespeare's Globe theatre which we we learned was not the true Globe Theatre but a replica built by an American from Chicago. He thought it would take 3 years but sadly it took 37 years to build and he never saw the final product. Afterwards, we enjoyed a cruise of the river complimentary of our London Pass. We took the Underground to Wimbledon to try to check out the tennis action there, but it was a 3 hour wait in line and there was no guarantee to get in. We literally walked around for 3 hours there. We could see center court. Definitely a neat experience. We then tried to find a little pub to grab a drink in, but with England playing in the world cup, every bar was packed. I'm talking, you couldn't even move. We eventually found a small pub with no TVs near Shakespeares Globe Theatre called The Globe. We loved the atmosphere and spent our last night there. We stayed long enough to see the Tower Bridge at night all lit up. 


The first hostel we stayed at in London was great. All of the people were nice in our room and they all spoke English. Not everyone spoke English in Dublin. The second one we stayed at was a flipping joke. The guy at check in said, "Sorry, we are out of pillow cases. You will just need so cover your pillow with a towel. The walls were so thin we heard everything all night long. There were people in our that were from Madrid. I tried to speak with them, but I quickly realized how terrible my Spanish has become with not using it in 3 years. 


We woke up at 3:30 to catch a bus at 4 am to the airport. We are now in Berchtesgarden, Germany with Goose. :)


This is why Adam does the blogging. I'm too wordy! 



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