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Tuesday 14 Nov 2006
London, United Kingdom

So the end in near.....

Well only two more nights to go. This has been such a great trip. Today I went to Stonehenge * Salisbury Cathedral * Avebury - A Medieval Village and Stone circle * Old Sarum Castle * Country Pub Lunch*. So that was 12 hours of a tour. As some of you may remember Kim and I were scheduled for this tour in March and they never came to pick us up, so they refunded us and offered us a free tour when we returned to London. Well I got picked up today. It was mind blowing. Stonehenge was smaller then I thought but maybe that is because we were behind a rope and could not touch the stones. But is Avebury I got to touch the stones, I could have hugged one if I wanted to! I was a totaly worth the wait. Sorry Kim if you are reading this (because she did not go yet). I went to the ice skating rink after the tour, but there was a que as far as I could see. So I watched them clear off all the water, hehe, then caught the tube to the hotel. I went to dinner here and it was amazing. Tomorrow I believe I am being moved to the Rubens. They are sending me over in the hotels Bently. Olala. Nice that I will not have to find a cab. Anywho. I was going to take a sauna tonight but maybe I wil do that in the morning, life is so ruff here.

I'll write again tomorrow and let you all know where I am going.Wink

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