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Saturday 19 Jan 2013
London, United Kingdom

Tired in an airport

So we're sitting in heathrow airport having not slept yet (since yesterday morning) to prevent jet lag. We're tired but well. The meman customs man threw out our solar cane, contact solution, and Richard's toothpaste because they were 10-20 ml over each (Except for richard's toothpaste. He insisted on bringing a half empty full sized tube.) either way, we bought new expensive contact solution and toothpaste at the airport. 


Now we're just waiting until our gate is announced. We'll sleep on the next flight. That's all the excitement for now!

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Some stupid Thailand pun

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Richard gave me a bad pun to make the title. I forget it - hence the title of this blog. I promise you that his name was silly and you're not missing anything by not having it. Anyway ... welcome to the maybe 6 people interested in our trip.

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