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Wednesday 30 Sep
Stafford, United Kingdom

A summary to start

The last night before we fly out to Kenya then onto Tanzania. It's been a strange day - exciting, emotional, full of highs and lows.

After spending a couple of hours in denial and neglecting packing and the other tasks I needed to do, I finally kicked myself into gear and acknowledged how soon the challenge would begin!

The culmination of 20 months work in which I returned to cycling after a 45 year break, managed to slowly raise my fitness level, spent most days thinking, planning, or 'doing' cycling or fundraising, I am here waiting to leave.

As always at the beginning time stretched out before me, a luxury. In the last few weeks, time raced away. Have I done enough? Will I be able to do it? Why didn't someone stop me?

Now, I can reflect. There is still lots to do but the support of family, friends and a few strangers has made this an incredible jourrney in every sense and I have every expectation that it will continue throughout the challenge.

At 58, I have renewed faith in my body's ability. I can trust it to be strong and accept aches and pains without fear that my joints and muscles are surrendering to age, at least for a few more years. I have a new freedom.

What has allowed me this privilege? The challenge to cycle across Tanzania to raise money for charity. What might have felt altruistic at the beginning has given me so much. The challenge to get to today has been met. The challenge to raise money for three worthwhile charities is ongoing but the target has already been reached. Now all that remains is to get on the plane tomorrow and in two days time get on a bike in Africa and start the first leg of the journey. Am I scared?  You bet!

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Jacky hill Says:

2 October

I'm so proud of you well done so far. Have a great time come back with a tan. Safe journey x x

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