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Tuesday 15 Jul 2008
Vung Tau, Vietnam

Well Well - A Long Needed Update _ :D

Well, once again, we are online - and i have decided its time we updated this page - which to be honest hasnt happened as often as i planned... Anyway, we are back this morning from a 5 hour motorbike tour - where JJ has suffered some pretty bad sunburn - but im sure the drams will sort it

The cruise was simply amazing - and our tour guide Mr Khan was excellent - he was singing us songs and p[art taking in a few merry drinks More shall be divulged once we get home...haha... We met another scottish person too - Natalie Roy - who has been travelling for 1 and a half years, and i must say - we all loved the banter..

We have been at some spa / mud bath place today, where they can naturaly cook eggs in water at 82oC.. Its been the hotest day of the holiday here in Vung Tau today, with minumim temps at 36oC - fairly hot..

We have met Mai and Mouse (who JJ an Liam know from before) and have had a few excellent days to add to the two adventure weeks we have all spent together - its been some trips boys eh??.. Feel rather sorry for Andrew that he has had to leave the group and head to his Graduation - although this cannot be helped..

Only his comment can sum up this holiday - "The best two weeks of my life".. I have a feeling that this can be said by all, and until you have been here and experienced it, i feel i cannot do the place justice by trying to descirbe it in words - we are all relishing the prospect of comming home - it honestly is such a lovely place..

At the moment, im using a bars internet - which every pub here has - its awesome - and a must for pubs home :)

There is so much news to mention i cannot fully mind it all.. We are going to be staying here for atleast 1 more day, then possibly heading to Dalat - which should be a little

Im going to go off now, and enjoy the local atmosphere, but we shall keep you posted asap

Cheers For Now...

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