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Saturday 1 Nov 2008
Hue, Vietnam

From Hanoi to Nationalpark to Hue

Returned from our Sapa trip we took a bus to the South (Nimh Binh) right after we have jumped out of the train (f*** early in the morning at 6am!). The weather was not really good and the only thing that we wanted to do there was a trip to the national park Cuc Phuong. Luckily we met a couple from switzerland and shared a taxi that brought uns to the park. There we hiked for about 2,5 hours through the dschungel and hoped to see some wild animals. We had no luck and it was raining so heavily that we got wet to the bones! The Taxi took us back to hotel where we have booked a nightbus to Hue (the city was not worth to stay one night). The people at the hotel were very helpful and let us taken a hot shower. The nightbus was an adventures experience; it was kind of confortable but there was no chance to get some sleep (the roads are too bad...). In Hue we found a nice hotel (free Internet, I am sitting in front of the computer currently) in a nice street with a nice bar next to the hotel and cheap food). For the afternoon we booked again two guys with a motorbike who showed us some historic highlights of Hue. The city is very famous because the old emperior from the Nguyen dynasty lived here. We have seen the Chua Thien Mu pagoda, the japanese bridge, the tombs of the Nguyen family and another buddism pagoda. After dinner we fell into bed because the last days where really exhausting! Today we went to the zitadelle of the emperior; the palace was destroyed but there are still some temples to see and the whole complex is huge (a city in the city). The plan for tomorrow is to leave Hue and drive to the beaches - finally!!! I am so looking forward to it; I need some time for relaxation. Vietnam is bigger than I thought and there is so much too see. I know that I will have beachlife a lot of times on the worldtrip but for me its always the best Smile! So I hope the weather stays like this for the next weeks (by the way today it was incredibly hot) and we can enjoy the south of Vietnam without heavy rainshowers.


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Tom Says:

4 November 2008

Hey Alex, sei froh das du mittlerweile Hue bist - heut kam in den Nachrichten in Hanoi wär n fettes Unwetter mit Überschwemmungen und sogar n paar Toten...naja wünsch dir jedenfalls viel Spass am beach ; ) Diggen Kuss..

alexboog Replies:

5 November 2008

Ja, echt heftig und Glueck gehabt! Geht heut abend weiter Richtung Sueden, ab an den Strand und hoffentlich kein Regen! Was geht @ home? Lg an alle

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