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Tuesday 22 Dec 2009
Perth Shopping, Australia

Out amongst 'em at the Mall (YIKES !)

Shopping Mall Crazy !....  no different than anywhere else around the world I guess... The Mall was a madhouse !  People everywhere - strollers with crying kids, parents scolding their children to behave, old people shuffling along.... Just another holiday shopping season !

One thing about Malls in Australia.... Unlike our malls that are anchored with Dillards or Macy's or Nordstrom, Aussie Malls are anchored with grocery stores such as Coles or Woolworths so IN ADDITION to strollers you've got grocery carts buzzing up and down the crowds of people that are doing their last minute Christmas shopping - YIKES !

We did a quick spin through (did see some cool chickens in the pet store - check out their pictures !) and decided to hit the movies.  This Mall advertised an IMAX theatre and it was showing AVATAR in 3D which we both wanted to see.  We gasped when they told us the price was $24.50/pp tickets, which is assigned seating (seats J12 & J13) but we did it anyway (couldn't afford popcorn after that price tag !).  They also offer ‘luxury seating' which is like a First Class seat on an airplane and you can order food and drinks to be delivered to your seat (this was $33/pp !).

When we got into the theatre the screen was nowhere near the size IMAX screen we're used to (it was slightly larger than a normal screen) but .....

The movie was FANTASTIC !   I see academy awards for this one, easily.


We had a great Aussie sausage dinner when we came home with a bottle of champagne (we added wild hibiscus flowers in syrup to the champagne which was very tasty.


Another good day Down Under !


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