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Wednesday 23 Dec 2009
Perth Shopping, Australia

Another Day of Shopping

We went to lunch at the Boatshed today.  A nice restaurant on the bay that looks across to the Perth City Skyline.  A light breeze was blowing and rental sabots and catamarans were out with their sails full.

We then drove to Swan Valley to a chocolate factory called Margaret River Chocolates.  We were looking for a little something for Genie's brother who happens to love dark chocolate so we split up.  We came back together about 10 minutes later and we'd both picked out the same exact things - Tony found it in a gift pack, I found the items individually....  Go figure ! 

On our drive back to Perth we discovered a New Zealand Christmas Tree (technically a bush).  It only blooms at Christmas time - the rest of the year it is a non-descript  shrub.  It has bright orange blooms on it and it is beautiful (I don't think my picture really captured the colors but I gave it a try !)

Call us crazy but we hit yet another Mall, one we had not been to yet.  This one, on top of being anchored by two of the biggest grocery store chains (Coles and Woolworths), it had two full butcher counters (not in the grocery stores) and a veggie/fruit store (again, separate from the grocery stores).  We picked up some Ka-bobs for dinner to go with the red beans and rice Genie was making. 

Laid back evening... a bit of TV and I'm trying to finish a book I picked up at the Ayres Rock airport.  A murder mystery set in Australia on The Ghan train.  It is on the same route Tony and I took so it is fun to read about the stops they're making, their time on the train (lounge car, dining car, etc.) and their excursions, many of which we did !

 Tomorrow's Christmas Eve... Can't believe it is here already!  Genie has to work all day so we're going to help with the Christmas Lunch menu and make the potato salad.

Thinking of you all ...

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It doesn't get much better than this !

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