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Wednesday 6 Jan 2010
Perth Last Days, Australia

Our last few days in OZ

(experiencing technical difficulty with the photos for these days....working on solution)

Tennis anyone?

05JAN2010 - Low profile day - we had to submit our marriage certificate and documents to the Australian Government to be recorded and did some last minute souvenir shopping.  Picked up a couple of great cook books written by the CWA - Country Women's Association.  Their first book, The C.W.A Cook Book and Household Hints was first published in 1936, and is rich in tradition. It is a tried and true recipe book from which anyone can learn basic cooking (even me!).  This is like our Betty Crocker Cookbook (with the red/white checkered cover).  Anyway, we thought we'd give some of these recipes a try.

This evening we went to the Tennis Tournament.  Spain vs. Romania.  Women's singles - Spain won.  Men's singles - Romania forfeited after the first set due to an injury.  Mixed Doubles - because the Romania man was unable to play, Spain automatically got the win.  But, so as not to disappoint the audience, the organizers had a ‘Plan B' to offer.  They had mixed doubles play (8 games) with the woman from Romania and retired Australian professional tennis Pat Cash (who won the men's singles title at Wimbledon in 1987).  He was doing a bit of huffin' and puffin' but he gave a good show and was quite the jokester!  Lots of laughter filled the Dome as we watched the play.

Another good day in Aussie Land  !

Surf and Sand

06JAN2010 - We thought we'd grab one last day at the shore so we greased up with 30+ SPF and headed to Marmion/North Beach.  We've been very spoiled with the striking white beaches of Esperance but this area was very nice.  We had a great breeze to keep us cool and the water was warmer than Esperance so it was easier to get in.

There were a lot of waves which kept the water stirred around the coral rocks so it was a bit hard to see but we did spot a few tiny fish.  Tony had a small school that followed him around and when he would pick up something from the bottom and then drop it, they would all scurry down to see what he'd dropped!

We sat a spell in our beach chairs soaking up the sun, enjoying the sea breeze and thinking about our last 61 days.  We've sure done a lot.  Seems like we've been gone forever and at the same time it seems like the time just flew by.

We drove to Fremantle for dinner @ Cicerello's.  Tony's been hearing Genie tell stories about this place for years and years so we couldn't leave without giving it a go.  This place was established in 1903 and claims to have the BEST Fish & Chips in Western Australia.  After experiencing it for ourselves, we will agree and give them a big thumbs up!  Yum Yum Yum!

Today was a great way to wind down our stay here in Australia.  Tomorrow (07JAN) is packing day (sure hope those suitcases have expando zippers !) and we head home on Friday (08JAN).  We've got a long layover in Auckland (Business Class Lounge will keep us comfortable), and we arrive in San Francisco on Saturday (09JAN) morning @ 10:30am.

We've got a lot of great memories of our 2 month sabbatical, plenty to keep us smiling as we begin a new chapter in our lives as husband and wife.  Doesn't get much better than this!

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It doesn't get much better than this !

It doesn't get much better than this !

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