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Friday 25 Jul 2014
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

day 110

One of the best days of my life. Went scuba diving with iguana scuba off Seymour island in the Galapagos.  Started off with a 45 min drive then 25 min boat journey from santa Cruz.  The rest of the people in the group were a friendly bunch and we had a good chat on the way there. On the first dive we decended into a colony of Galapagos garden eels, after a quick review we started the dive, almost imediately seeing a giant turtle and white tip shark. We then saw a huge school of barracuda and plenty of angel fish, parrot fish,snappers and even a tiger snake eel.But this was just the appetiser. The second dive was remarkable.we started by looking into some small caves. The first cave had a resting stingray. At one stage by the second cave I was about 1m away from 5 resting whitetip sharks witha rock fish about 30cm from my hand and an eel poking its head out and snapping 20cm from my head. The rive got even better though, almost immediately 3 hammerhead sharks swam by. There was an abundance of fish. At one point I was looking at 3 stingrays gliding past whilst underneath them were a couple of blacktip sharks and a turtle. We finish the dive in an area of srong current, holding on to the rocks whilst above our heads were between 25-30 sharks ( a mixture of white tip, black tip and Galapagos sharks) The only thing that could haved topped the day would have been to see a mantra!

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