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Tuesday 20 Jan
Hong Kong, Hong Kong


A few hours after decisively booking my ticket out of Thailand I realised I was sick. I spent a night of torment in Sukhothai wrestling with fever and uncertainty: should I go to Hong Kong, or should I go to hospital? I could have picked up Dengue Fever in Mae Sot... In the end it was flu, but a pretty nasty flu the likes of which I'm not familiar with. I went to Hong Kong and suffered from a lack of energy and a distaste for pollution.

In these conditions I was ill-equipped to actually deal with the practical challenge of going to China. The Lunar new year made me think that I needed to be pretty organised. I managed to come up with a workable plan despite the lack of encouraging circumstances. But the last straw came when I went to actually book some flights and accomodation and my credit card didn't work. I guessed that they don't accept payments from china and I would have to phone the bank (one of the more painful things I can think of) and get them to fix it. I asked the hostel reception person how I could make an international call and after ignoring/not understand me for several minutes she told me I could "go outside". This is the sort of limitless unhelpfulness which it's possible to encounter and which didn't encourage me much to go any further. In the end my desire to go to China was overcome by the inconvenience which I perceived even if it wasn't there.

So I failed to do what I set out to do. Or I ran out of motivation. I will have to go back to Thailand and get on with what I was doing before.

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