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Tuesday 5 Jun 2007
Queenstown, New Zealand

Bungy Bedlamites

WE DID IT - WE JUMPED OFF A BRIDGE!!! And we're still alive...


Believe it or not it was me who drove this. We went there to check it out, decided it wasn't for us (making every excuse under the sun) and left. As we drove away I thought, no bugger this, I need to do this now or I will regret it. So around we turned, signed up and within 10 minutes I falling off a bridge.

We did the Kawarau Bridge Bungy which was the first commercial bungy operation in the world. It opened in 1988. During that year, twenty-eight people paid $75 each to leap off the 43-metre bridge with a Bungy cord attached to their ankles. These days it is $150 (NZ) with tens of thousands bungying each year.

So back to the experience... strangely enough I was not afraid at all before, the DVD of my jump shows me grinning and waving like a cheerleader before the plummet. Then, once I was actually flying through the air I thought... hmm... not so sure about this. Andrew, on the other hand looked unsure before he jumped & said he was thinking hmmm... hmm... not so sure about this whole height thing... Then he jumped and he loved it. Loved the whole bouncing up and down thing. Both of us are pleased as punch we've done it. We're other very brave or bloody stupid I guess.

Yesterday we took the day at a much more leisurely pace and went on a trip to the Milford Sound. It was a bit rainy but still very impressive - again the pics will mean more than the here to check them out.

Tomorrow we leave Queenstown. The weather up the West Coast sucks at the moment but we are hoping to do a heli-hike in the Franz-Joseph Glacier & perhaps that skydive... At the moment both aren't operating so we're holding thumbs....Wink

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Us loving the island life

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