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Friday 14 Oct
Valencia, Spain

Valencia in Autumn


 All tourists’ buses start at Plaza De La Reina.

This City, we were told, stretches back to more than 21 centuries founded by Romans in 138, but it was King Jaime 1 of Aragon who reconquered the municipality. He founded the kingdom of Valencia making it an autonomous region within the group of states under his rule. It was the 15th and 16th century when Valencia experienced a golden age. Prosperity came through agriculture, industry, trade, architecture and education. It was silk in the 18th century that gave the city its economic status.The silk exchange in Valencia is a UNESCO world heritage centre. 

Our main objective and first stop, en route, was to visit Oceanographic and the Museum of Arts and Science. These are incorporated in the area known as “The City of Arts and Science.” It is advertised as “The largest cultural educational complex in Europe” having a dual aim of educating and entertaining. 

The Oceanographic is an underwater city where you pass through different habitats of the world from the Artic to Antarctic.

Once inside it is very well organised and in chronological numbered order.  We meandered through the seas and oceans of the world.  It is advertised as housing 45,000 specimens of 500 different species and 42 million litres of water. The largest marine park in Europe.

  If you want to eat and experience luxury, in a novel environment then the Restaurant Submarino is the one for you. Diners sit on suede chairs the colour of sand whilst thousands of glittering fish glide past in the turquoise aquariums surrounding the area.  (Not sure if fish would be on my menu that day!)

 The highlight of the Oceanographic tour, for us, was the dolphin show. We have been to many dolphin shows in the world and have to admit we entered this one with reservation. We certainly didn’t dwell on it for long.

From start to finish of the main show and that of the children’s warm up, it was the best we have seen anywhere! The stand holds 2,200 spectators and they were all spell bound. The charisma between the swimming attendants and the dolphins is phenomenal; they seemed to be joined at the hip.

 The Hemispheric is a stunning building taking the form of a human eye,This building houses three audio visuals on one giant screen.

 The L' Umbracle is a serene garden promenade with views of the whole area.  We found this a tranquil and pretty setting.

The final part of the City of Arts and Science is the Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofia. The Queen of Spain inaugurated this architectural addition to the complex. Here you can see the finest opera, dance and theatre.

The Barrio Del Carmen is the centre hub of Valencia City a very vibrant area. We were mesmerised sitting in the square of Plaza de La Virgin how many brides and grooms and marriage ceremonies were taking place. They seemed to be on a production line. We first thought they were making a film about weddings but enquiring nearby we were told the couple marry in the church or cathedral, then wander around the local vicinity for two hours having photos taken. Apparently they then return to their wedding party who meanwhile have been celebrating in the local bars, whilst waiting for the newly weds.  Consequently the sober bride and groom arrive back to imbibed guests. 

A wonderful square, located in the old quarter of Valencia.It is very historical, fashionable and a trendy place to sit and eat or wander amongst the narrow streets watching the visitors and locals doing the same.The atmosphere is so characteristic of quaint old Spain it is difficult to realise you are in the countries third largest City.

 Next morning our tour, compulsory as always for me, was an historical one discovering the old town. Our friend who lived there was happy to explain the many informative details of the area.

We visited the religious square with the cathedral of Santa Maria and Basilica Desemparados. We continued to The Roman Ruins protected by a covering of glass. The old Silk Exchange (Lonja de la Seda,) a famous heritage site.  Then finally The Central Market Place and the NationalCeramicMuseum.

Other important monuments of the City are The Torres de Serrano, and these she explained are the remains of the original walled city.

 Other known facts would not be mentioned without a knowledgeable person of the area, Tribunal de Aguas (water court) for example.  Every Thursday at midday outside the apostle’s doors, at the Cathedral, eight farmers gather to settle any watering disputes. They have done this for 1,000 years deciding sentences with no right of appeal.

Santa Maria Cathedral is also noted for housing the “genuine” Holy Grail, as do many other cities in the world.

 This one is preserved in the Valencia Cathedral, after many locations since the 15th century. We were equally fascinated by a very narrow red house in one of the old streets. It allegedly the narrowest house in Europe, only 2mtrs wide in all storeys.

Many buildings all have their own history and it is a good idea to experience the detail with someone who is knowledgeable about the City   

That night we experienced (and what an experience) a drag show at Restaurant Turangalila. These transvestite men /women were incredible and portrayed a far better appearance and make up than a woman of normal gender. It was a late night, yet again, we didn’t catch the local service bus until 10.00pm and it was 3am when we returned to our Hotel.  Next day after breakfast in one of the tiny cafes in Barrio Del Carmen we returned to the station for our journey back to Xeraco and found our car which was fortunately safe and sound.

The three days as “Visitors in Valencia” were well spent and thoroughly enjoyed.  A wonderful city to visit for its past history as well as the present day attractions including Moto G P. 

Notable numbers to save

Tourist office is ----96 3524908

Railway 902320320

Tourist Bus is  96 341 44 00  mobile 699 982 514

City of arts and science  902 100 031

Restaurant La Turangalalia  963472803


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