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Exploring Kiev by water

Kyiv (Kiev) is a wonderful city in Eastern Europe. It is interesting that it is one of the oldest cities in Europe; recently it celebrated its 1530 year's anniversary. It has absolutely stunning architecture, young and open-minded people, beautiful landscapes and fun parties.

It is interesting that people go to Poland and Russia missing one of the most exciting places on their way. The city is divided by an incredibly large Dnepr River. And it is this river that opens the best views to fascinating Kyiv. You can take one of the most interesting and cheapest sightseeing tours though the Dnepr river and within one day get to know the most famous attractions in Kiev.

While travelling by a fairy through the Dnepr you will get to know that Kyiv is situated on 7 hills that are fully covered by blossoming trees in spring. And in winter the hills are covered with white-snow blanket that makes it look like a fairy-tale.

The first stop to be done during the tour is at fabulous Kyiv churches. The city has one of the oldest and most extravagant churches to be seen. One of the must-see places in the capital city of Ukraine is doubles Pecherska Lavra. It is a so-called religious town, which is situated in the middle of megapolis. It has caves that were built in the XVI century A.D., wonderful cathedral, a monastery and several absolutely stunning museums. One of the most interesting museums on the territory is called "Museum of Miniature", it has incredible items like the smallest book in the world or a human hair with a tiny rose put in it.

The tour continues at the Hidropark district. This place is known as one of the biggest entertainment centers in Kyiv. Altogether it has more than a dozen of fine nightclubs that are placed right on the sand of the beach. One of the most visited nightclubs is famous for its wild parties on the cart. So go cart in hidropark to have an unforgettable night.

One of the last stops of your journey is at the historical center of the city - Podol district. This beautiful district is one of the best examples of a real Kiev. For example, Andrew's descent that is a narrow open air market that is filled with Ukrainian and Soviet style souvenirs. The street goes from a luxurious Andrew's church. Built by a famous Italian architect Rastrelli by the order of Russian empress, it has become one of the main attractions of the city.

The same podol district is famous for its "Host Town" - a narrow street, which is parallel to Andrew's descent. Its main attraction is hundreds of multicolored houses situated on its both sides. Ukrainian La-Boca is a great place to try Ukrainian cuisine as it has numerous cafes hidden between these little houses.