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Greece: A guide to getting away

Greece is a country which has seen more than a little uncertainty in the news recently. Believe it or not, now is actually the perfect time to visit this European paradise.

Not only does the country offer a great deal in terms of diversity and activities, but the recent de-stabilisation of its economy means that prices and deals are available at an all-time low. There are many places to visit in Greece that showcase the very best that the country has to offer, so why wait?

Popular websites offer comprehensive lists of fantastic things to do in this country, meaning you can plan your holiday before you set foot on the plane. If you're still unconvinced, here are just a few reasons you should visit:


The country is incredibly diverse and has many areas and activities to suit everyone. Whether it's unspoilt coastlines and ancient temples that you wish to visit, or its local restaurants and wineries, there's something for everything.

Greece is the seat of ancient history with ancient structures like the Parthenon, Delphi or the site of the Colossus at Rhodes characterising the backdrop. For relaxing in total bliss, areas like Forte and Santi cannot be missed.

Forte holidays provide the upmost in luxury, relaxation and entertainment for all of the family, while Santi holidays will keep the children occupied all day long.


As mentioned, the opportune time to go to Greece is now. To ensure that tourism thrives, many places have begun to offer substantial price cuts. You may find that you can afford to stay in a much more luxurious hotel than if you took a holiday to another country.

Not only will you come back refreshed and relaxed with a string of lifelong memories, but you won't break the bank in doing so. With many early bird deals also available, Greece has become the savvy traveller's destination of choice, with further reductions available to suit all pockets.


If a luxury resort is really not you're thing, then Greece also has many islands which offer a truly relaxing few weeks of paradise. It's easy to travel between them by boat and most have a large range of accommodations, both inland and on the beach to suit every wallet.

Alternatively, the island of Cyprus is another popular destination at the moment. Cyprus holidays are extremely inexpensive and well worth looking into, as the island has a great deal to see and do.

With its many vineyards and locally produced wines, it's a food-lovers paradise as well as a haven for walkers, ramblers and culture lovers all over the globe.


Greece is well known for its warm hospitality and chatting to the locals will let you experience the very best of it. From spas and resorts to local restaurants, it is sure to be a holiday to remember - for all the right reasons.