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Controlling who can see what

Your privacy is very important to us, so we give you more control over who has permission to view your blogs.

Privacy control for travel blog

Password-protect your blogs and photos. Give the Guest Username & Password to your family & friends and they can view the blogs/photos as normal once they login.

Each Trip can be password-protected separately, so you could create two trips simultaneously: one for the public to read, and the other for more personal information that you only want the family to read.

Privacy control for messages

Unlike many social networking sites on the Web, GlobeNotes doesn't require that people register before they leave a comment on your blog, thus making it much more user-friendly for visitors.

This does mean, though, that some visitors could leave abusive comments which would appear on your blog.

Thankfully we remedy this situation by giving you the OPTION to filter out the abusive comments before they appear.

Additionally, you can hide new comments if you wish to keep them PRIVATE