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Saturday 14 Feb 2009
London, United Kingdom

On my merry messy way...

Despite my weeks of preparations, it was still a mad scramble to get to the airport this morning (isn't that always the case!) and I was pleasantly surprised to find that my bag weighed in at only (!) 18 kilos!

That's a hell of a lot that I'm going to have to lug onto some poor porter in Tanzania when we're climbing Kili Frown

(when climbing Kili it's normal to hire a team of porters to carry up your bags and tents etc ... there's no other way apparently - I could be wrong here - .. and this is what makes the price so high. Plus it gives the locals much needed hard currency.)

Ah well a large tip will be in order!

In Terminal 3 now waiting for my flight which is in about 5 hours and just booked a nice beach hotel for my first night in Dar Es Salaam. It's a bit out of the town, but it has a pool (and a beach obviously) and that's all I'm looking for before I get stuffed into a tent for the next 6-10 days.

Still waiting for confirmation about the safari.. the cost of me going on my own is 200% the cost if there are others in the group.. so the guide is still trying to get a group together.

If no group, then I guess no safari (unless I can find something in Moshi after I get off the mountain) ... I might go off to Zanzibar if this situation arises.

Ah the joys of travelling alone and being able to make split decisions like this Laughing

Next blog will be from TZ (hopefully) .. later y'all

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Gretta Says:

15 February 2009

All the best Peter - read your entry from LHR - how did the Doha bit go-bet u had a comfortable ride! Thinking of your 2day as you head to darkest Africa - take care and we'll keep up with your blogs. Dia duit O Mam

peterforan Replies:

16 February 2009

Plane was a bit crappy to be honest, like a Ryanair flight with cramped seats. Not quite Emirates so. Staff were lovely tho. Will try to write a bit now...

I bless the rains down in Africa

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Day 3  ... Lookin forward to Uhuru peak, Kilimanjaro

Day 3 ... Lookin forward to Uhuru peak, Kilimanjaro

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