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Saturday 24 May 2003
Bangkok, Thailand

Got the PC!

Well Ive finally done it... I bought a Toshiba laptop! Got a really good deal too: 1,358.99 euros for a machine that would normally cost about 2,000 in Ireland. It also beats the price of a machine in Singapore (I know, Ive spent MANY an hour checking!)

Thankfully Thailand has a deal meaning that the VAT of 7 percent applied onto all purchases is refunded to tourists when they leave the country... otherwise Id be paying another 100-200 euros. Nice!

I was also looking at getting a MASSIVE suitcase to carry all my backpacks and their contents in. Id rather have one big case than have to manage 2 85 litre bags... Ill see how it goes and if I can get a good deal there tommorrow too!

Ah well not much else happened today: the computer purchase lasted from about 12pm - 6-ish -> that includes time getting there, investigating price on the net one last time, getting money together, lunch etc. Getting money was a bit of a pain since it was a Saturday and they were all closed. I had to try to get 67000 Baht but the bank daily max is 20,000 for an ATM. Alas only one bank seemed prepared to pay up the full 20,000, but thankfully the guys in the shops let me use my credit card for the rest WITHOUT charging me the usual credit card penalty charge (his shop absorbed this cost!). They were great in there and even threw in a good laptop carry case, external mouse and more memory in there for free.

A day well spent (literally)

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