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Travel Blogs

"Travelogues" / "Travel Journals" / "Travel Diaries"...
We call them Travel Blogs: an invaluable way to narrate your travel adventures & anecdotes from your trip. Share them with friends, or store them for reading time & again in future.


Chart your trips on the interactive map, and download your travel routes to view them offline in 3D with GoogleEarth®


Let your friends & family know when you have added new content by easily sending a mail to your Mailing List.


Get your Travel Blog backed up on CD for safe-keeping, offline reading, and sharing your adventures with others.


Upload unlimited travel photos directly on, or even add your Use Flickr photos on GlobeNotes® photos to your blog gallery!


Rotate images & edit descriptions through our simple interface.

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Receive and reply to comments on your blogs & photos.


Make your blogs secure and private, if you wish, so you can select who can read them. Set the Privacy level for user comments and the mailing list.

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