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  • Our editor tool is similar to a word-processor, allowing you to write your blogs with BOLD, ITALICS, UNDERLINE, set text alignment, add smilies, even including an UNDO button if you make a mistake!
  • Add hyperlinks to other websites easily. Just higlight the text, click the "Add Link" button and enter the url.
  • Add photos directly in your blog! Choose from a selection of photos that you have uploaded to the blog. Even add Use Flickr photos on GlobeNotes images (more about this...)
  • Embed Use YouTube videos on GlobeNotes videos and other online videos directly in your blog!
  • Save your blog as you write it! You can repeatedly save your blog and continue editing as you write it, to prevent you losing anything in case something wrong happens to your computer!

Managing travel blogs

Manage your Trips from your Admin page

Create a new travel blog for each trip you go on, meaning you can
use one account for every trip you ever take!

With the Trip Manager you can...

  • Create a new Trip with it's own website url, maps, photos and blogs
  • Get statistics about the visitors reading your blogs and photos
  • Manage messages left by visitors
  • Set the blogs/photos to be Private if you wish (more about this...)
  • Do lots more...