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Wednesday 6 Feb 2013
Yangon, Myanmar

Farewell to Mayanmar

We left Naungshwe for an early morning drive past a very misty Lake Inle on our way to back to the old British airport.

Back in Yangon, we stopped to see Aung San Suu Kyi's house on way to the hotel. The heat in the city was very intense after a few days up in the mountains. I had a lie down for a couple of hours, then braved the 40 degree heat to join Ailsa, Anita, Erin, Anna and Bryan at the Strand Hotel for High Tea again. It was just as good as the first time.

Bryan had bought a book about some of Yangon's key buildings and their history, so we had a look on the way back and managed to find the same bookshop, where I bought the last copy for my brother Sam. I look forward to reading it myself when I get back home again.  There are such beautiful buildings in this city, many of which are slowly decaying and will be lost if action isn't taken soon.

We had a final group dinner at the same restaurant that we started in two action packed weeks ago. It has been an interesting trip in a fascinating country. My biggest regret was the feeling that we could have learned so much more if our guide Joseph had spoken better English and had more confidence in himself. While we liked him and he certainly tried hard, he was just a bit out of his depth and his inexperience manifested itself in the unnecessary misunderstandings and rambling explanations that left us often none the wiser. Added to this was the growing certainty that Intrepid had commissioned this trip out to a local firm rather than running it themselves and we therefore missed out on some of the key elements that we have come to respect from Intrepid.

Despite this, I had a great time in Myanmar and I think this country and its people will stay with me for a long time. I would love to come back again and see how it changes over the years.

"Warmly welcome and be kind to tourists"

...and they did.


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