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Friday 17 Feb 2012
Beaverton Oregon, USA

Packin' Packin' Packin '

We have to be at the airport at 4am so we're cramming the last of our clothes into our suitcases and going to hit the sack.  Getting excited !  Next blog will be after we arrive in Belize  Cool



4 Comments for this Travel blog entry

tina marie Says:

18 February 2012

Bov Voyage! Can't wait to hear about you adventure! have fun! :)

tonyandellie Replies:

19 February 2012

Hope you enjoy following our adventures !

Lola Says:

18 February 2012

Can't wait! If you see that dumb ass bachelor Ben down there, smack him right on top of the head for me!

tonyandellie Replies:

19 February 2012

No Ben sightings expected and yes... I'd wack him on the head if I did see him !

p.s. This place has Twilly written all over it !

Ma Pa Says:

18 February 2012

Have a great time. Get some rest. Eat lots.

tonyandellie Replies:

19 February 2012

This is definitely a place to relax - looking forward to doin' a lot of nothin' !

teresa and dave Says:

18 February 2012

envy envy envy envy envy!!!

tonyandellie Replies:

19 February 2012

You are all here with us in spirit ! We'll definitely tip a glass or two for you !

Belize - February 2012

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This is the life !

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