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Thursday 5 Aug 2010
All the rest of Alaska Pics, USA

How Time Flies....

I can't believe our week went by so fast.  Just a week ago we were soaring through the sky in a helicopter above the glaciers taking in the breathtaking view of the blue ice, the vast, untouched landscape and even went mushing just like the Iditarod  -OK, not just like, but pretty darned close ! We got the idea of what it's like only a much shorter distance !

We had a grand time & would do it all over again in a heartbeat ! Our ship bill was under a grand (thank goodness we carried on 6 bottles of champagne and 6 bottles of wine to keep the tab down !).  The internet bill was $150.00 for the week and as you know, it didn't work most of the time... I had been warned but thought it would be different for me (HA !)

We did things we've never done before - Zip Line through the Rain Forest, Dry Suit Snorkel, Helicopter Ride & Mushing....  Oh, what a time we had.

Oh, .... did I mention Tony forgot to pack a jacket - nothing, nada, not even a vest.... !  Lucky for him he is warm blooded !  No, he was able to pick up a jacket on board the ship at a very good price considering they could have charged twice as much.  Such a good price that I ended up buying one too !

I've added more pictures but rather than you having to hunt under each city name, I've loaded them all under Home in Oregon.... Take a stroll through our photo memories....

Thanks for joining us !

Ellie & Tony

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Juneau   Atop a Glacier with one of the team

Juneau Atop a Glacier with one of the team

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