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Thursday 29 Dec
Santiago, Cuba

Santiago, Pool, fat guy and tequila

Richard -


Cuba has been good to us.

Basically, we have been sitting either by the pool or in the pool. When in the pool, we have spent a good amount of time drinking (but we have spent time swimming and playing between Mojitos and Pina Coladas, and I kicked Alison's but at volleyball, but technically the game ended at 10-5 for me and we were playing until 11 so nobody won).

We went to the city of Santiago and saw an amazing show of two people playing an instrument/singing traditional music in a beautiful concert hall... directly to the two of us since nobody else was there.
We also followed around con artists and got a delicious lunch that cost us way too much. However, the other people from our resort complained that their lunches were crap anyway. At least we got a good meal (which was a reasonable price by montreal standards, even if it was highway robbery in Cuba).

Today, we went to the pool and were drinking when a fat guy who was drunk started talking to us. The only words we undestood were Tequila. Being my mother's son, I ordered 3 shots (one for each of us). The guy (and the people he was there with) were blown away that a pale white girl from Canada could put down a shot of tequila. I then ordered 4 more (Alison was done, 2 each for me and the fat guy). The people were equally impressed that a pale white kid from Canada could put back two shots back to back. Thanks mom!

Times up. See you all soon.

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