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Saturday 13 Dec 2008
Lake Bunyoni, Uganda

Mzungu in the mist

Well this is just a short entry as I wait for my turn to trek through huge army ants and visit the mountain gorillas! I can't wait - a group has already been and the reports are fantastic! Up until now it has mainly been more long days on teh truck getting us here, and chatting to the new people on the truck, most of whom are Kiwis! We did a game drive in the Masai Mara but it was with the big truck and so we only managed to see 2 of the Big 5, either scaring off the cats and rhino or being too big to get down the smaller roads to find them :-(

Did a tea plantation tour in Kericho which was interesting, and we got to see some Colbus monkies as well before smapling the tea - which was really nice.

Crossing the border from Kenya to Uganda was fun, they people were about to go for lunch and not too pleased a truck of 28 people had arrived but we managed to get sorted and on our way! It rained that night though, and it wasn't fun ariving in the dark and sploshing in puddles trying to do food prep in the dark!

The long day travel to Lake Bunyoni (at the worst bumpy back of the truck) was worth it in the end as it is one of the most beautiful locations I have seen all year. We've realxed and had a trip out along the lake (the deepest crater lake in Africa - 6500ft) to visit the not to short pygmy tribe who danced for us before we got soaked in a downpour.

Now it's preparation for the hike up to the highlight of the trip - and I'll fill you in on how it went Monday :-)

Three hours and ten minutes of trekking through dense jungle, on the sides of mountains over slippery vegetation and we found the family. It was amazing. Two huge silverbacks and also a couple of cute babies, one not even a year old. The hour we were aloud to watch them flew by way to fast but it was one of the most memorable parts of my time in Africa to be able to see these creatures in the wild. I'll upload pictures as soon as I can - probably when I'm back cos internet here remains awful!

Now it's the home straight of the trip, a big day on the bus tomorrow to get us to Jinja, where some people will do white water rafting on the Nile. My experience on the Zambezi was enough so it's chill out time in Uganda and back in Kenya before my flight home on 22 December to return to freezing cold England and probably no prospect of a job - whoo hoo!!!

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