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Monday 12 Feb
San Sebastian, Spain

Language barrier haircut

My hair has been getting long, and I've been wanting to give myself a trim, but I lost the guide to the clippers I brought. I found it before I went to Barcelona, so I'd been looking forward to a haircut this weekend. Yesterday, Sunday, was the day. Last time I cut my hair, in November, I must have cut it at level three. This time I tried an eleven, which would take about half off. My hair wasn't stiff enough to stand up without getting pushed over by the guide, so I washed it first to give it some more bulk. It kind of worked, but I had to hold the tips of bunches to get them to cut. This made it take longer than it should have. I got most of the way through when the battery died. No problem, I brought the charger and bought an adapter for just this kind of occasion. I plugged it in and got most of the rest of it when I blew out the charging mechanism. When I bought my adapter I chose not to get a voltage converter because my ipod, my camera battery charger and my external hard drive all have built in transformers that have a dynamic voltage capacity. But not my clippers, I didn't check them. So they stopped working and I still had my left temple and some spots on the back of my head. I asked Mertxe to help even me out and she did the best she could. The hair on the top of my head (pulled straight) was as long as the distance from my fingertip to the second knuckle, the left temple was shorter and there was a patch behind my ear that was only as long as the first knuckle. So I got up early today and walked around and looked for a barber to fix me up. There was a fierce wind and heavy rain. I found a place and waited my turn. I told the barber the story and asked him to make 'todo el mismo, todo egual' all the same, all equal as the short patch and asked if he understood (because my Spanish is broken). He said yes and asked if I wanted him to use clippers. I said yes and emphasized I wanted it as long as possible. He gave me a mushroom cut. He buzzed down the sides and back of my head and didn't even touch the top. I couldn't tell he was cutting it too short until he had already made one pass at my right side, so it was already too late. I told him it wasn't what I wanted but to finish. he cut the other side and sprayed the top with hairspray, or something. So he didn't understand anything I had said. I made him cut the rest off, then he charged me eleven euro. I was pissed, I loved my fro! It took me three months to grow. Once again my beard is longer than the hair on my head, which I think is about a three, so I have to fix that tomorrow morning. On the plus side, I look more like my passport now, and everyone says it looks nice. I'll get used to it, I was used to it before. I'm really only mad because it's shorter than I wanted and I did almost everything I could to keep this from happening. In a couple of months it will grow back and I'll have more Spanish at my disposal to try to get a better hair cut.

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