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Friday 12 Nov 2010
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Day 196: Back in the UK

So finally back in the UK and technically our trip is over even though it will take us a few days to get back to our house. 

What have we learnt, what have we missed. Well I would say that we both agree that we did miss friends and family and our cats and missing out on all the experiences that have happening including births and weddings. The closer we got to home the harder this became. 

I wouldn't say this experience has changed us as people but only time will tell as we have been with each other practically 24/7, we have worked out excluding showers and toilet time that we have spent less than 10 hours apart from each other, so these changes, if any, won't be noticeable to us. We have learnt more about each other and about our buttons not to press. 

We have enjoyed the trip thoroughly but at the same time are glad to be home. We would do it again but not just right now. We have seen and experienced the most amazing things but we have to remember that this is only a slight sliver of history and only what we have experienced, even people doing exactly the same things would have different experiences. 

Just what we have done we have only tipped the top of the iceberg and only the briefest of knowledge's of all the different cultures and tribes. There are things you will understand and accept and others that just baffle you but the most interesting ones is when your perception and understanding are challenged. 

Time has been so different for us and six months ago in Japan just feels like a lifetime away. Most people working 9-5 Monday to Friday may do 1 or 2 things during the week and then the weekend but for us we have been doing something nearly every day so a week to us is like a month in a normal working life. This has really thrown our perception of time out the window. 

So back home to start our new adventure and where will we be in another 6 months?

There is the most amazing world out their just waiting to be explored. 

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