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Tuesday 13 Nov
Beijing, China

Making new friends

China is a good place to meet friends - this time I made a new one: Captain Blue Bear! I was spending the afternoon in Tianammen Square (a famous square in the centre of Beijing, where lots of important events happened) enjoying the sunshine despite it being icy cold. The I bumped into Captain Blue Bear, who was taking photos of people flying kites.

He's an adventurer just like me, but has had strange things happen too. He was brought up by mini-pirates when he was young for one thing, but he wasn't scary like a pirate. He's my good friend now, and he said he would one day come visit me in his boat.

I visited one of the Ming Tombs the next day. The Chinese bury their Emperors in big underground halls, together with lots of treasures and furniture. The tomb would be in a big park, surrounded by a strong wall, and heavily protected by the villagers just outside: the treasures had to be protected from thieves.

The Great Wall is closest to Beijing, but it still takes about two hours to get to the closest bit of it. The Chinese thought they would be attacked by warriors in Russia, so they built this wall all the way along the top of China and put soldiers all along it, ready to fight. The wall is not straight, it has to go up and down over the mountains, and in some places it goes so high that there is always snow there.

Also in Beijing, they are very famous for the tea-houses. You learn how to drink tea in a special very small cups, so you only have 3 sips out of it. The tea is made from things like leaves and flowers, and they do not use tea bags. Everybody drinks tea in China, and they never use milk, because it would ruin it. It tastes good all on its own. Cheesy

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