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Thursday 16 Oct 2008
mumbai, India

Mumbai Madness.

After 3 days in Mumbai we're getting ready to move on, whilst feeling like we're kind of getting to know the place. We feel like we've covered a good part of the city on foot and have seen the highs.. and the lows of Mumbai life. As expected India is, in every way, a shock to the senses. On the taste front we've had some great curries, including an all-you-can-eat thali place in a backstreet in the north of town, with no menu - you get what you're given - luckily it's pretty tasty stuff. We seem to have visited lots of the main sights and become a bit of a tourist attraction ourselves, featuring in many Indian tourists' family portraits around the place.

Off to catch the train to Goa in a bit...hopefully fitting in another curry on the way!

(PS We'll have to add photos at a later stage as facilities are rudimentary...)




3 Comments for this Travel blog entry

chris Says:

16 October 2008

sounds amazing, how's the digestion holding up? Best of luck for the rest of your travels

Dave Says:

16 October 2008

Ah yes, posing for the family snaps, answering "From where are you coming?" I remember it well. Sounds great B&B

Kirsten Says:

17 October 2008

yay - a blog.. hope you guys are having a good time and the adventure wear is holding up

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