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Saturday 27 Apr 2013
Yangon, Myanmar

It ends in Yangon

Back in Yangon we visited Shwedagon Paya, a huge and significant pagoda which attracts pilgrims from all over the place.

We met our friends from Thingyan and had an excellent Myanmar dinner and saw what they looked like in normal conditions. It felt like we had really got to know these people through all the dramas we had endured that day on the truck and formed a connection quite a bit more sincere than the average smiling and linguistically frustrated travel meeting.

Our last night in Yangon ended similarly to our first. We went out into the street outside our hotel to have a quiet beer and ended up sharing a table with some guys who were really friendly and paid for all our drinks. We engaged in an intense and devious struggle to buy a round of drinks, which we eventually managed by various forms of subterfuge, but we think they were too drunk to notice by that point.

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