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Saturday 28 Jun 2014
Dili, Timor-Leste

Day 13 Liquiça – Dili

33.3 km, average 18.7 km/h

We had only a short way to go to Dili so we slept in and had a large breakfast followed by a hazelnut calzone. Felix had some economic reasoning to justify eating the calzone, though it could be just as well justified on the basis that it made the following ride more challenging.

As we were getting ready to leave, the tide rose up and waves started crashing over the stone wall into the restaurant seating. Apparently this happens twice a year and the erosion of the beach is getting worse. Felix and I were unsure whether the retaining wall would aggravate the erosion, especially when we saw waves crashing and bouncing off it. But the owner of the restaurant said that it was surrounding properties without walls that were suffering the brunt of the erosion.

It was an easy ride to Dili. With the increased traffic, the dust from the road started to really get me down.

But it didn’t matter as we had made it, and we enjoyed some Dili activities in the afternoon before having dinner with Matt and Kathy.

That night we tried to watch a football match at the pub and failed miserably, mainly because the signal cut out and the TV stopped working, but also because we were exhausted.

The following morning we packed everything up, had some Timorese coffee, paid the security guards to clean our bikes for quarantine purposes, and made it to the airport.

You can see rough maps of the two different parts of our tour here:

The total distance covered was about 887 km

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