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Wednesday 20 Aug
Sydney, Australia

Sydney and Back Again

When we flew into Sydney for the second time, it was much warmer than expected. We thought it would be around 9-10C but it was actually 13C thankfully! After all the unpacking, we went off bowling before dinner. I started off with a score of '3' for the first 4 blocks! Dad was way ahead of Isaac and I, of course, and won both games by far! I lost both cause I kept throwing gutter-balls!!!

The next day, we went for an explore around the Australian National Museum and the Royal Botanic Gardens. I learnt a lot about the meanings of different symbols in Aboriginal paintings. In the Botanic Gardens, we saw one of the oldest types of tree in the world which was known to have been in dinosaur times!

Tuesday was Taronga Zoo. We caught a Matilda Cruises 'ferry' sort of thing to get to the Zoo. We had a couple of stops on the way and got some fab pictures of the Opera House. We strolled around the Zoo for no less than an hour before we headed off for the bird-show. We saw many different types of birds, all very unique in their own rights... one cheeky little parrot took a $2 coin off one woman (she did get it back afterwards)!! Later in the day, just before we got on the 'ferry' back home, we were walking past the gorilla enclosure and we saw a female with her new-born! Of course, a gate had been put across the entrance so no-one would disturb the protective mother but we still got a good view of the baby through the gate! After dinner at the Harbourside Shopping Centre, we bumped into one of the families we'd seen at the Zoo!!!

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